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Our range of services

We offer a full range of heat pump and renewable energy services from design to installation to ongoing maintenance.

Heat Pumps

We are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of air source heat pump (ASHP) and ground source heat pump (GSHPs) systems


Because each property and client is unique, Delta T will work with you to design the right heat pump system.

Our services starts with a heat loss survey of your home or business. We will visit you to measure up the size and specification of each room and to gather essential information.


This detailed, intensive process is needed to calculate how much heat and hot water energy is required - data that then helps us recommend and price the correct system for you.



Delta T is committed to installing a high quality system for you that is optimised to cut CO2 emissions.

We are not tied to any specific brands because we source and fit the right equipment that best suits your circumstances.

You can rest assured that our team of installers are well trained, highly skilled and dedicated to giving you a great customer experience.


Delta T offers maintenance and servicing of your heating system as we value long-term client relationships.

Heat pumps are highly reliable and a well maintained unit can last for 25 years plus (double the average lifespan of a boiler). Ours come with a 10 year warranty as standard. 

To preserve the warranty, each system requires an annual maintenance check and specialist clean. This ensures  optimum efficiency and smooth running.

A full renewable energy service


Our knowledge and experience isn't limited to just head pumps though. We also design, install and maintain many other renewable systems.

 Battery storage

Home batteries are a perfect partner for heat pumps and have the potential to reduce your running costs substantially. Either charge the battery overnight using a cheap off-peak tariff, then use it to power your home during the day. Or store excess power generated from solar PV.

Large home battery installations are becoming increasingly affordable and we see them playing an increasingly essential role. They can work well in winter when heat pumps need most power as they can capture plentiful amounts of peak-off overnight power from the mains Grid (when, incidentally, there is often most renewable wind energy available) which then can be used to power your whole home later in the day. 

Solar PV


Solar PV panels are ideal for converting free energy from sunlight into useable electricity for your home. Solar PV partners perfectly with a battery system to store energy collected during peak sunlight hours, for use in your home throughout the day and night.


We can work with you to select which solar panel system is right for you and can design a system to suit your household needs.

Solar Thermal


Solar thermal systems harness the energy from the sun to heat your water (even on cloudy days) and provide savings in your energy bills as well as your carbon emissions.


We install solar thermal panels or tubes, as well as providing ongoing maintenance and optimisation. As part of our maintenance, we clean, fill and recommission these systems to ensure you are able to most effectively capture sunlight energy to heat your hot water cylinder.

Underfloor Heating


You don't need to have underfloor heating for a heat pump to work - and indeed many of clients use a legacy radiator-based system. But when it comes to maximising heating efficiency, underfloor heating is a great choice.


With pipework spread evenly underneath your flooring, heat is evenly distributed so your whole room feels the warmth. The system can more easily achieve lower flow temperatures than radiators and therefore often is cheaper to run. Underfloor heating is low maintenance and can be fitted under most floor types too.


We pride ourselves on designing ultra efficient pipework layouts to maximise warmth and avoid cold spots, giving you that warm and cosy feeling throughout your home.



Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) takes home heating efficiency to the next level. There comes a point when adding more insulation to a house no longer delivers much added benefit. At this point, attention needs to be turned to air movement and drafts.

MVHR requires an airtight building where the system supplies constant fresh filtered air, maintaining the air quality, but not losing heat to the outside through draughtiness. As a result, MVHR cuts out almost all ventilation heat losses, which can otherwise make up to 30% of the heating demand in a home.

Full Service Renewable Installation


Some customers ask if we can install everything, all at the same time - and the simple answer is yes!


If you are looking for a highly reliable one-stop shop which can source, supply, manage and install an integrated suite of renewable technologies including a heat pump, solar PV panels, battery, and more, then please get in touch today.


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