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How do air source heat pumps work?

An air source heat pump will extract heat from the outside air, converting low grade heat into useable energy, by passing it through a compressor where its temperature is increased. The heat is then used for space heating and hot water. An air source heat pump will work at temperatures as low as -20°C outside.

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Why choose Delta T renewables to install your air source heat pump?

Delta T work hard to make sure you receive the time and attention you require to find the most suitable air source heating solution for your property, lifestyle and your family’s needs.

From the transparent pricing on our calculator and survey request to our Reliable customer service, our expert boiler replacement advice enables you to make the right renewables choices for you. This is backed by our accredited surveyors who complete your property survey report complete with heat loss calculations.

Our installation teams that serve your local area are also available for servicing and maintenance to ensure your system runs efficiently for years to come.

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